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Norwood Medical — advanced contract manufacturing for the medical device industry

Norwood Medical is committed to solving the complexities associated with the design and manufacture of medical instruments and implants. With more than four decades of serving the medical device manufacturing industry, Norwood Medical excels at designing, manufacturing, assembling, and packaging complex medical devices for orthopaedic and minimally invasive surgery markets.

We’ve built up our business and extensive capabilities by focusing exclusively on the needs and requirements of our medical device customers. By embracing leading-edge manufacturing technologies and integrating processes dedicated to quality, we’re able to produce complex medical devices and implants cost-effectively and with unwavering attention to detail.

Vertically integrated to take on the most complex requirements

Norwood Medical strives to keep all processes in-house in an effort to maximize production quality, reduce lead time and reduce costs. We maintain tight control over engineering, manufacturing, production, and assembly by leveraging the internal talent that can adapt and solve problems quickly.

Driven by a spirit of ingenuity, Norwood Medical often takes on projects that other contract manufacturing suppliers are unable to produce. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond to the most difficult customer demands by investing in new technology and equipment. We’ve created a culture that attracts industry-leading talent and fosters innovation.

In an industry that demands the highest precision to ensure the safety and wellness of medical patients, Norwood Medical understands and accepts its critical role in this supply chain. From prototyping and design engineering to production and assembly, Norwood Medical has a focused quality methodology to ensure that each of our products meets our customers’ exacting requirements.

Norwood Medical’s capabilities for medical device manufacturing include: CNC milling and turning; CNC Swiss machining; wire and RAM EDM; waterjet cutting; gundrilling; precision metal stamping; laser cutting, welding and marking; plastic injection molding; electrochemical machining; vacuum heat treating; vibratory and high speed centrifugal deburring; fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI); ultrasonic welding; cleaning and finishing; and assembly and packaging.